The Beauties and the Beasts

The Beauties and the Beasts

I got very excited to hear about the Transamerica Wealth and Health Community but I am not getting movement with the fitness enthusiasts I am around but I get very positive responses from hairdressers and salon owners about getting their financial house in order and setting up protection and retirement planning. Then I discovered that many of these hair stylists and salon owners have significant others who are fitness enthusiasts, trainers or gym owners and managers. In fact my former hair stylist/salon owner girlfriend's ex-boyfriend was a body builder.


It seems that these two industries are closely tied together.    


Re: The Beauties and the Beasts

I think maybe hairstylists are typically independent business owners who don't have the traditional employer retirement structure to fall back on. Whereas bodybuilders may do that as a sport/hobby but have the employer retirement to fall back on. We all should think about retirement independently outside of employer offerings to make sure we have the full picture and our preparedness doesn't have "all our eggs in one basket". Smiley Happy

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