Living in the US, taking a look around our environment, sometimes it's a little hard to comprehend why more of us aren't "rich". I don't know about you, but on the way home every day from work in my city I see expensive sports cars, new neighborhoods, and sometimes I think 'man it can't be THAT difficult to make money if all of this is around me'. There's obviously plenty of people making a great living for these things to be prevalent.  This is why I love the hashtag on social media #reasonsimnotrich. Obviously, there is a fair amount of humor involved in the responses but there's also bits of hard truth: “I keep paying extra to add guacamole #ReasonsImNotRich”. 


This made me think of this community, we're all interested in investments, retirement, and other financial solutions so I wanted to ask the group - What's holding you back from achieving "the dream" of wealth? 




Re: #reasonsimnotrich

lol, love this. 


I'm a foodie. I love traveling and trying new restaurants.. #reasonsimnotrich 


I indulge my hobbies #reasonsimnotrich







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