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Breathing tips for running in the cold?

Breathing tips for running in the cold?

Keeping up my outside running routine gets a little tougher when it gets frigid outside. I have all the necessary attire (running pants, running gloves, hat for my bald head). But one thing I have not mastered is the proper way to breath when I'm running. It absolutely kills my lungs. I know most people recommend breathing through the nose because it warms the air, but that is tough for me. Do any other runners out there have any tricks up their sleeve to help their lungs brave the cold? Certain ways to breath, etc.?


Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

Hi @seichmann8 , running in the cold? Yikes! You're a brave one. I'm only aware of the "breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth" method but like you that is not very effective for me either (maybe because we don't have moose snouts which have evolved to handle this very thing!). Let's see if we can get more opinions! @nvecsei @tvermie12 @B_Forbes @puckeater9

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Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

if I want to be cheeky I would say run inside the gym Smiley Happy but that probably does not help you ...

I don't run outside if it's colder than -2 celsius or so (28F)... but otherwise I just breath the way you described. 


I have however seen other runners with scarves and bandanas and avoid high intensity, so maybe a job rather than a full on run. 


This article says you are ok to run in -20Celsius (-4F) but that just sounds insane to me ...


Maybe @brettbousquet has any suggestions?

Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

Not cheeky at all, @nvecsei. In fact, that's the thing. I usually do end up running in the gym anyway. I just don't prefer it because I'm not a treadmill fan. 


Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

Happy to hear you have continuing to brave the elements and do something you enjoy. Apart from breathing in through the nose and a possible neck gaiter, there isn't much. The offseason is a great time to try some crosstraining options which can continue to stimulate a cardiovascular response while also working different sets of muscles in a novel way. Try a quick little work out on a rower; 4 rounds of 500 m sprint (aim to go under 2 minutes on each sprint and rest as needed). Keep up the good work!

Brett Bousquet PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS is a certified sports residency trained physical therapist in Colorado. Posts and blogs created by Brett on the Wealth Meet Health community are for informational purposes only and are not meant to take the place of your relationship with a health professional. For personal health considerations, please consult a health professional directly.

Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

It is -14 Celsius today in Denver. I am happy to confirm I ran in the gym this morning Smiley Happy

Re: Breathing tips for running in the cold?

I did the same over the weekend, @nvecsei. I did tough it out in the cold one day, though, because I have plans to run in a Super Bowl Sunday 5k. Fingers crossed for a freakishly warm winter day. Smiley Happy 

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