2018 Resolutions

2018 Resolutions

Forgive me, I didn't see an existing topic for the new year so I thought I would create one. Now that we're back from holidays and back to "the real world" thought it would be fun to share our 2018 resolutions so that we can revisit them in 3, 6, 9, and then 12 months to check in on progress. 


My top resolutions - 


  1. Try a new recipe once a month (which directly ties into the overall goal of cooking more at home).
  2. Use one day on weekends to get out of the house and do something with the dog & family outdoors. Yes, even during Winter. 
  3. Get serious about an emergency fund, set up an auto transfer from every paycheck to a designated account (and leave it there!). 
  4. Delegate house chores to family members. 
  5. Continue volunteering and participating in running events.

Re: 2018 Resolutions

I love this! Most of my goals this year are for improving my digital life - 


Embrace mobile payments. I get it, I'm a little older and wary of exposing CC info but I've got NFC enabled and setup with Apple pay so why am I still reaching into my pocket for a card?


Be proactive. I am pretty good at anticipating needs and acting on them, but I need to stop letting some things (usually things that involve me explaining concepts) sit while I procrastinate. 


Invest in my relationships. Wait, people like me? I want to spend more time with the people I care most about and those who might have become disconnected from six years of living in another state. 


Plan an actual vacation. Not a long weekend, not a convention, a legitimate vacation to somewhere I can disconnect and enjoy spending time with family. 


What about you? @nvecsei @Jessica @seichmann8 @DFLO @ctsai @lilliankafka @JennyGoring



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Re: 2018 Resolutions

Well, those are some good ones!

I am all too happy to let my husband take care of the finances! But every now and then we do sit down and make sure our accounts, passwords, etc., are up to date in a place we can both find them. I guess it's time to do that again. Emergency fund? Sounds like another thing I need to get in front of.

We are planning a vacation! Two weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam - I can't wait!

Others for me include:

  • making time for exercise, even when I'm tired & busy
  • building up my illustration portfolio
  • learning more healthy recipes

As for your relationships resolution - ping me when you have time for a coffee break!

Happy New Year! Smiley LOL

Re: 2018 Resolutions

I always do a Dry January. I find it's a good way to lose a few pounds that were put on over the holiday season with parties and meeting old friends.


Other resolutions this year include;

  • #MeatlessMondays. 
  • Walk home from work at least twice per week when the weather picks up a bit. It's less than two miles and I think it'll be a good opportunity to reflect on the day.
  • Actually develop a shopping list before I head to the supermarket. I tend to be tempted by all the bad stuff when I go food shopping without a plan.

Not an awful lot but I think they're achievable and habit forming. 

Re: 2018 Resolutions

Excellent goals everyone! Mine are to finish at least 1 chapter a week of my sister's xmas present Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. Also in line with the theme, would like to try reducing oil in our meals, going meatless once per week. That's a challenge for us, as vegetables are not super favorites at our house, but I think starting with pasta will please everyone from toddler to teenager. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone thinking ahead to a better future! Smiley Happy

Re: 2018 Resolutions

@smessier - I have an amazing vegetable burger patty recipe that fools even the meat lovers. If you are up for the challenge to trick your loved ones into healthy eating, ping me. I am happy to share. 


My husband and I decided to not really do resolutions that are brand new to ourselves. We want to turn back  some habits we established last year due to stress and hectic lives. So here are ours:



  • Write more (blogs, a book and anything that comes to mind) and speak at conferences about his tech projects
  • Less work, more exercise
  • Go on a proper holiday (not just visiting family)


  • Cook more and eat at home more. I love cooking, but ended up working 60-70 hour weeks last year and started a new habit of picking up food on the way home.  Cooking relaxes me and it helps me focus on my health, so it's important to me to do that more. (and save money)
  • Leave work at work. I tend to take work home and after dinner get more stuff done until I keel over. None of that this year. Work is work, work is not life. 
  • Write more blog posts and speak at conferences.

Re: 2018 Resolutions

@Reeta, your resolutions are very similar to mine. I enjoy grilling but, outside of that, my cooking skills are quite limited. I'm making it a point this year to learn recipes and give my wife (who is an excellent cook) a break once in a while. Same goes for an emergency fund. We are going to be much more watchful of what we are spending. We're allotting ourselves a certain amount for entertainment purposes each month and doing what we can to not exceed that. Volunteering is another good one. I admittedly don't do enough of it. I want that to change in 2018 and give back where I can.

Re: 2018 Resolutions

@smessier how is the book coming along? Were you able to reduce or go meatless once a week? 


@seichmann8 I think you picked one of the hardest tasks possible with the emergency fund resolution, lol! 


@Twinkletoes83  Yikes! That's a huge work workload. How has your cooking at home resolution been coming along? I don't know where you would be able to find the time! However, the leaving work at work might complement the effort, have you been able to make progress with that?


Proud to share that I've tried two new recipes this year- twenty clove garlic chicken and broccoli, chicken, cheese rice. Smiley Happy I haven't been as successful with my other resolutions but there are still 10 months left to make progress. Smiley Very Happy

Re: 2018 Resolutions

I am sticking to most of my resolutions @Reeta  thanks for asking. I have started locking up my computer at work. At home I only have an ipad, so I am good typing emails and maybe blogs on it, but not heavy duty work.. so that helps. I definitely cook more. I also got into the habit of opening one bottle of wine a week and drink one glass a day, that makes me not want to work at night, for sure.