Re: Balance

Hi @LilRed! It's amazing the things that can come out of zen and focus. Thanks so much for sharing your video, do you mind if I post it here to make it easier for people to view? 


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Re: Balance

It would be fine if you want to share it.

Re: Balance

Thanks @LilRed for sharing this video. Your message about balance fully resonated with me. I just started school (again) alongside working full time and I am having a hard time finding balance between work, school, family and hobbies (sports). The immediate effect was that I got sick yesterday, completely out of the blue. 


My goal for the next two weeks is to find a maintainable balance amongst all these priorities, so I can get ready for the cold season in full health and focus on success. I am glad this community is here to help me stay focused and find new ideas and conversation with people that work towards the same goals as I do.