How do you handle challenge?

How do you handle challenge?

Daily we are faced with challenges, big and small, expected or unexpected. How we handle those challenges is incredibly personal but sometimes we find a voice in the adversity we face and then use it to spread awareness.


Meet Sebastien Jacques, a former tennis pro, who fell ill and went through four years of doctors not being able to determine why. His health on the decline, he was told to essentially to accept and adjust to his physical condition. During a hospitalization in 2014, he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. After his care team elected not to pursue surgery Sebastien sought out a second opinion from a surgeon and eventually had a successful operation to remove the tumor. His health improved and now he’s walking 5,000 km across the country spreading a message of hope and encouragement.


I’ll leave you with this quote about his mission from his website. Know you are capable of great and amazing things, it just takes a point to begin. Smiley Happy


“I am doing this walk because I want everyone to know that we are all capable of amazing accomplishments. If I had not believed in myself, I would have accepted the fate I was given and would not have been able to walk more than 15 minutes a day and function properly anymore. This 5000km walk will test me physically and mentally, but there is only one way to face any obstacles or tough situations in life: to stay in the present moment, to remain positive, and take it one day at a time – or in my present challenge, one step at a time.”



Not everyone will handle challenge with such tenacity but I think the core message is invaluable. Don't give up, believe in yourself.


What challenges are you ready to tackle? Have you had a challenge teach you something about yourself? Can good come from facing adversity?

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Re: How do you handle challenge?

What an inspiration. So happy he didn't give up and that I have someone new to follow on Instagram. I can't wait to see the picture of him shaking his doctor's hand when he gets to the end of his walk. 

Re: How do you handle challenge?

I never faced a challenge like this before (knock on wood) and hope I won't ever have to. But I hope that I would be strong enough to fight for my health as well.