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Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

Often times we believe that life is happening to us and feel trapped or stuck in our current situation.

But what if, just what if the experience we are having, good or bad, is leading us exactly where we need to go?


I believe that everything that we experience in life both good and bad is exactly what we need at that time for our greatest growth. In other words, our lives are a perfect example of synchronicity and flow. 


Has there ever been a time in your life where you were going through a challenge and once you made it through you were able to look back and see how it helped you to grow in a way that got you to where you are now?


I know I certainly have. Several years ago when my youngest daughter was just a year old and I had just finished obtaining my personal training certification, I was on top of the world, ready to go out and help others lead healthier lives. I was eating clean nutrition and working out and looked like a picture of perfect health to most. What I didn't know was that the mental stress I was under between my career and raising five children was slowly killing me inside. So as not to get too far into the sad story, I ended up very ill and sometimes bed ridden for nearly 18 months, with no medical explanation for my symptoms which included severe pain and dropping 25% of my body weight in several months. At the time I was very angry with the world, wondering why this could be happening to me. However, when no answers were coming, my strength and determination told me to find answers on my own. This led me to what has now been four years of working with a transformational coach. By working with this coach I have not only gotten my health back, but my entire world has exploded into amazing new opportunities including strengthening my marriage, improving the quality of the relationships with my children and owning a business that went international within the first 6 months. So, why did I get sick? I needed to have that experience to guide me to find this coach that would open my world to what it is today. 


What are you going through right now that you can learn from? In good times and in challenging times, there is always something for us to learn and grow from if we are consciously aware of the opportunity that surrounds us and willing to take action! Be sure to remind yourself every day that your life is a perfect example of synchronicity and flow. This mindset will help you surf the waves of everyday life with great ease!


Please share your stories as I always find them to be sources of inspiration to others as they are going their own challenges. Life will always have ups and downs and the better we become at surfing the more enjoyment we will find in life. 




Re: Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

Thanks for sharing your story, @CraigandJennyD!

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Re: Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

I am sure it was unimaginably difficult to go through. Glad you and your family are closer and stronger because of your time/work with a transformational coach. Very inspiring. What does a transformation coach do exactly?

Re: Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

A transformational coach specializes in assisting people in uncovering and releasing their subconscious limiting belief systems that are holding them back and influencing how they respond to situations in life. Once one can identify these belief systems (normally from childhood) they can be released allowing you to move forward with more success in our personal and business lives. They can also help you to identify underlying emotions that are causing pain and symptoms in the body. For example in my illness, unilateral, posterior hip pain was related to feeling unsupported in my life and that my life was out of balance. It was amazing to me that no physical treatment that I tried was helping to ease the pain, but within a month of working with our coach, my pain disappeared and has never returned. 

Re: Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

I am sure this is not what you are looking for, but just this weekend I realized that having recently married into a family with teenage kids, some of the struggles I face with them today make me realize why my mother was so frustrated with me and my siblings when we were teenagers. Suddenly being a mom to near-adult kids is definitely a challenge that I was not aware I can tackle, but I think as my husband and I are guiding them to be better human beings, we are growing ourselves immensely as well. (I for sure am, since this is all new to me)


Re: Is Your Life A Perfect Example Of Synchronicity And Flow?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! I completely understand the challenges that you are facing having two children of my own and three step children. I have been with them for 10 years now (married 7) and in the beginning, there were many challenges that really forced me to grow as a person and to learn acceptance. This is definitely a wonderful example of synchronicity and flow! Four of our five children are teenagers now as well, so I am sure we could have some great stories to share with each other. From one mom to another, you can do this and you will do it well!!! They will love and respect you for all the good you provide in their lives even though they may not always show it.

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