Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring is here (finally!), I like to do my own version of "Spring Cleaning."  It's basically when I try to un-hack my life by taking stock of my health, home and wallet.  Here are the Top Five things on my Spring To-Do List - would love to hear yours! 

1. Swap out the cold weather clothes for the warm weather clothes - and create a donation pile of anything I no longer want or need.

2.  Work on my neglected yard, plant some flowers, and add some cheerful house plants.

3.  Celebrate a tax refund by saving/investing the money or paying off debt!   If I owe money, seek professional help as to how to have a better outcome next year.

4.  Run outside!  I'm tired of working out in my basement.

5.  Pamper myself a little.  It's time for a pedicure and some highlights. I deserve it. Smiley Happy


Re: Spring Cleaning

Yes to all of this @Jill_C! I desperately need to do #1 on your list. I am pretty good about switching out the seasonal wear but I am not good at the donating part but I really need to 'let it go'


My spring cleaning "un-hack your life" as inspired by Jill_C - 


  1. Clean out the closetand donate the items I do not wear. 
  2. Find a nice hutch or wire rack for our current house where I can place the orchid and small pot collection so they get better sun exposure this summer. 
  3. Find a budget software that I will actually use, create a budget and stick to it because I really want to go to Japan in January 2018.
  4. Since I am not finding my gym groove yet GET OUT of the house for a 30 minute walk minimum at  least 4 times a week. 


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Re: Spring Cleaning

@Jill_C - this is awesome. I just had the same epiphany this morning as I was getting dressed. Time to pack away those nasty winter boots. 


So two of 5 for me this weekend. 

  • Winter to Summer clothes swap (don't need to donate, I do that every 3 months anyway)
  • Migrated our plants from the nursery to the community garden yesterday. 


Re: Spring Cleaning

@nvecsei, love it!  I'm so ready for this change of season.  It's always a good time to start a healthy new habit and count your blessings.