Starting At The Finish Line a TEDx talk


Starting At The Finish Line a TEDx talk


Matt Newman explains why it is important to practice what you preach. Matt tells the story of learning he had brain cancer and what he learned from the experience. After experiencing horrible headaches, insomnia, and strange speech issues for four months, Matt Newman realized something was very wrong. When Matt finally went to the hospital, the doctors confirmed the worst; he had grade three astrocytoma.


Matt was diagnosed with brain cancer at 39 years old. Luckily, he had someone to help him through every terrible moment. Matt’s father-in-law Larry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years earlier. The two men found support in each other and their combined family as they worked to find normalcy in an abnormal situation. 


This is a great topic shared from someone who has had real life experience on how important it is to prepare for the unexpected. This is the perfect example why we're so passionate about this community being here to help empower and educate anyone interested in building and protecting their future.

Janice James - W+H Community Manager
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