Wednesday Wisdom!

Wednesday Wisdom!

Would love to hear from others who have health or wealth related tips or lifehacks.  Any tips you might have from combining coupons to using a Fitbit to track optimal physiological times for a gym session. 


A handy tip I discovered recently while researching vacations for next year - Cruise bookings are generally further discounted in January and February. This one was timely for me because I needed to find something for a summer trip to do with my nephew on who is graduating from High School next year. Smiley Happy I typically don't take destination vacations because of the high costs associated with them so a tip would be to check for seasonal industry lulls. These can be advantageous for vacationers on a budget.


Any tips/hacks you would like to share for Wednesday Wisdom?


Re: Wednesday Wisdom!

I love a good life hack!


One trick with online shopping which sometimes works, is that if you put an item in your online cart and then leave it for a few days, the store will send you a reminder. Ignore it, then a few days later, they may send you 10% discount to encourage you to finish the purchase. It doesn't always work though and with some stores, you can see the price go up. 


Also, Ebay for clothes. If you're patient and spend time searching you can find some really good designer clothes (or retro if that's your thing) discounted because it was bought as a gift for someone and it doesn't fit or they don't like it.


When I was at college, a friend used to spend her weekends going round consignment stores and outlet malls to buy discounted items to sell online. I didn't have the patience or discipline but she did rather well out of it. 


For nutrition, I've started drinking hot water at my desk and it has cut down on my hunger and my snacking habit. I've actually started to enjoy it. Colleagues have recommended putting a slice of lemon or ginger in if I need a little flavor. 

Re: Wednesday Wisdom!

I love the chrome extension "Honey" - it finds coupon codes for any and all webshops automatically as you pass through the check out. All you need to do is click ' Apply coupon' when it pops up during your payment page.