Hello, Instant Pot!!


Hello, Instant Pot!!

The box may be labeled Instant Pot but after having one gifted to me it has been renamed Magic Pot, Miracle Pot, and Honey Pot. All three terms of endearment were bestowed within 2 hours of the unboxing!!! Seriously, we started off with cooking pinto beans because well, frankly....if it exploded at least it would just be beans. 30 minutes later--tasty beans were ready and DELICIOUS. Now our interest was piqued and my hubby asked while perusing the freezer "Wanna try a roast?" Almost in unison our son and I yelled "Yes!"


Hubby diligently prepared the roast, placed a small amount of water on the bottom. You know, just in case. Secured the lid and pressed the launch button. We had to cook it twice at 45 minutes--but seriously we are HOOKED!!!


Just added the Instant Pot recipe page to my favorites. Both my hubby and have professional careers and the idea of cooking for hours is less than appealing. We have folks share with us that they set something up before leaving the house--but that never seems to work in our house. Is this the answer? Will we eat out less? Will we eat healthier? Will we actually start to use the dining room table as a family???


What's your favorite recipe? Please share! Oh, and if you are on the fence--time to jump and grab one of these beauties. You will not regret the decision to add this to your cooking repertoire!


Re: Hello, Instant Pot!!

So jealous! I've been wanting one of these forever. Another member @PatBee also discussed Instapots in another topic which has a recipe or two shared. I'm SUPER interested in what you cook up, I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. ^_^ 


Just saw another instant pot article on NYT

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Re: Hello, Instant Pot!!

Hi @Jessica - that is so cool. I have two slowcookers and I love them. First time I made a meatloaf in mine I added a tiny bit of water too, I just would not believe that it won't burn to coal without moisture, but since then I have done it several times and I love it! 


I would share the recipe but i doubt a slowcooker and an instapot have the same recipe needs.