My Favorite YouTube Fitness Friends

My Favorite YouTube Fitness Friends

I don't belong to a gym, so I get all my workouts done at home.  I love to go running outside, but I also balance it out by doing fitness videos on YouTube (they're free - which I like since I won't even pay for a gym membership!).  I love to mix and match workouts from different channels, and you can even create playlists of your favorite workouts.  A typical session for me takes about an hour, and I add variety by doing several short videos back-to-back. For example, I might start with a 15 or 20 minute low impact cardio, followed by 10 minute arms, 10 minute abs, and 10 minute glutes.  Voila!  All done!

Here's some of my favorite YouTube channels to subscribe to, and I am always looking for more:


Hasfit - Husband and wife team of Coach Kozak and Claudia offer a great mix geared towards all fitness levels

Fitsugar - This features "celebrity trainers" so I feel like I'm getting the VIP experience, plus lots of great variety

LumoWell - This one can be a little creepy because it features cartoon people instead of real people, but darn if they don't make really good, easy-to-follow exercises!

Fitness Blender - Another husband and wife duo - they offer great tips and instruction

Rebecca-Louise Fitness - This is my favorite. Rebecca-Louise is a perky British woman who offers super quick but effective workouts and she features her adorable pup Alphie in many of them.  My husband jokes that I think I'm friends with her...and he's totally right.

I mix and match videos from these channels and I really feel like I get quick, easy, fun, and FREE workouts whenever I want them. 


Re: My Favorite YouTube Fitness Friends

Now that Winter is coming again and I moved out into the suburbs into a house, I no longer have a gym in our building. So I love the idea of following some Youtube videos. 


Recently with my husband having so many joint and muscle issues, I bought us some yoga mats. Granted in the last month I made it to a whopping 2 sessions at home, but that's two more than ever before. The videos that came with the mats were too fast for us, so I went to this website to follow their short videos along.


I am so glad there are some videos for free online to help with exercise. Now my total investment in my health is no more than $20 for as long as my mat survives. How is that for amazing value for money?

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