Trying Keto for the first time

Trying Keto for the first time

I am going to try a Ketogenic diet and thought I would share what I am learning as well as my progress here with you. Smiley Happy This is my starting resource on Keto: and from what I understand through friends who are on a Keto diet that subreddit is extremely informative. 


The big challenge for me will be eliminating carbs from my diet. I think sugar will be 'easy' as I don't eat or drink alot of sugary foods. Carbs are a different story. I live for carbs! However, knowing I can indulge every once in awhile should help with giving them up. 


How about you? Have you ever tried Keto? Love it? Hate it? 

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Re: Trying Keto for the first time

I'm on a similar diet as Keto, but temporarily without dairy.  I've been on antibiotics for the first three months of the year, so I'm trying to get back to being healthy by eliminating sugar and carbs (and dairy for a few months).  Carbs took a good week or two to eliminate (it felt like a bad break-up).  


Sugar is a constant struggle because it's in so at the grocery store.  It's in condiments, peanut butter, and salad dressings.  I've been trying to make my own as I find recipes.  I've enjoyed weaving fats into my diet, especially avocados.  I put them in smoothies to give it the creaminess (my substitute for greek yogurt).  


Overall, I haven't had this kind of energy in years and is a good change for me.  It's hard to stay with this kind of diet, but it helps to remember how good I feel without eating sugar and carbs.  

Re: Trying Keto for the first time

Just over two years ago I weighed 238 lbs and I m 5'5" tall and 55 years old now. Then one of y Navy SEAL buddy died because he stopped working out and he got big and had a heart attack. He was two years younger he than me. We had the same officer for two platoons and he called me and told me what happened. Then he asked me how I was doing and when I told him he got in m dish. He scolded me good. I started gong to Planet Fitness after work every day and I changed me diet to no sugar, drinking water and eating more green leafy vegetables. I got down to 158 lbs, then I started eating whey protein, I gained 10 lbs, it looked good but that wasn't direction I wanted to go with my body. Then I stated using a Keto powder in my breakfast smoothie every morning. Then I got turned onto Super Food from Ruben's grocery store in McAllen, TX. I add it to my breakfast smoothie. Now I am back down to 157 lbs and I and much leaner. 

Re: Trying Keto for the first time

What an amazing story @LilRed


Good luck @Janice and @konken with the diets. I used to do a very strict diet when I had a stomach infection. Cutting out carbs and sugar was a total killer, but it made me heal and feel amazing. Of course I am addicted to chocolate so I immediately succumbed to bad habits after my infection healed. 


A word of caution. I heard horror stories about people on Keto going into Ketosis and/ or Ketoacidosis. Please read up on this and be aware. Our body is not good at digesting so much protein and may turn to self-destruction if lacking major nutrients. (It's true for any excessive dieting, not just keto)