You can put the toothpaste back in the tube

You can put the toothpaste back in the tube

I walked into the gym last night and I started a conversation with one of the gym employees who was doing his college homework while sitting at the desk. He was studying to be a PA. He mentioned that he was trying to get the gym manager to offer physical therapy classes instead of so many Cross-Fit classes. I thought that was a great idea. Then I told him how two and a half years ago I weighed 238 lbs and I couldn't do one pull-up or run a quarter mile and now I weigh 157 lbs, I can run 15.5 miles in about two and a half hours and I did three sets of 25 pull-ups in a row Wednesday.  I told him about Total Motion Release. Then I mentioned that they don't incorporate diet, yet. However Mary Thomas of Innovative Therapy in North Dallas, TX who helped me is beginning to incorporate diet into her treatment. I joke around that "I gave up my assigned seat at Golden Corral" but I completely changed my diet. No sugar, no salt or sodas. I blend a fruit smoothie with carrots, apple, blueberries, cucumber and wheatgrass power with two hardboiled eggs for breakfast every morning. Then I eat sort of a chef salad, a cucumber pealed and quartered, a carrot quartered, about 4" cut off a stalk of celery and a quartered tomato and two slices of roast beef with Italian dressing. For dinner I will either eat fried tempeh, baked ham or fish with some kind of green vegetable for dinner. I will eat watermelon for a late night snack. I can see a demand for TMR classes, three days a week, diet classes and then move these newly functional gym subscribers into trainer lead routines and classes. There are a lot of fluffy pastors and cops who would benefit from this type of progressive model.


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I am constantly amazed at your willingness to put in the effort to actively listen and change your habits to achieve your goals @LilRed! Thank you for sharing your health and fitness journey with the community. Smiley Happy

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