Best methods to quit smoking

Best methods to quit smoking

Best ways to quit smoking cigarettes?

I can't think of a better direct example to the negative effects on health and wealth than being a smoker.

I've been a smoker for twenty years and have tried the patch, gum, ecig, and hypnotherapy but have only recently had some success with Welbutrin.

I've been smoke free for about 2 months now when I could never go more than a couple days, but I want to make sure it sticks this time. I know regular exercise is definitely helping alongside the medication, but would love any insights anyone has personally or via friends/family to possibly add to my tactics

as a new non-smoker and to help keep it that way.


Re: Best methods to quit smoking

Congrats on the decision to quit! Two months is incredible, glad you finally found a method that works for you in the medication. Smiley Happy

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Re: Best methods to quit smoking

I quit smoking about 7 years ago straight up cold turkey. I also used a community App which tracked how much money I saved and the health benefits my body was experiencing every day I didn't have a cigarette! I found it really encouraging to see how many days I'd gone without smoking.


When I did feel like a cigarette, I would post into the App and people would talk me out of it.


I found it really beneficial to have people support and encourage me while I stopped smoking. So go for it, you've got this. You can do it! You're not a smoker, you used to smoke but not any more. 

Re: Best methods to quit smoking

Hi @jperkins - congrats on the 2 month mark, that is huge! Make sure you reward yourself with something for the achievement (not smoking though). 


I quit when I was fairly young, I was a dancer at the time and got pneumonia.... so my experience is not the one I would recommend. Smoking was simply agony, so I had to stop.


I have a few friends that did stop later in age and the common themes I learned from all of them is have a fidgeting activity always close by to keep your hands busy. Many of my friends tended to doodle on paper or play with pens or stress balls, to fill the void of the smoking motion. 


Another one was to always have gum on you. They often said that the oral sensation of smoking was what they missed the most, so chewing gum was a great replacement. Try sugar free to protect your health of course. 


I know the latter will cut into your savings but probably only for the transition time and not forever!


@FearghalOReilly - do you remember the name of the app that helped you so much? Would you share it?

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