Bots vs. Humans

Bots vs. Humans

I fully understand that this is a personal preference, but does anyone have any good research or argument for or against using an insurance search engine type website versus an actual agent?


Personally I have used both and I can't make up my mind if there was much value add on the human side. I picked my car, home  and travel insurance by searching the internet and buying what seemed reasonable in price and deductibles. But our families life insurance policies have always been bought through an agent.  Granted, I have never in my life submitted a claim to any of these, so I don't know if we made a wrong choice (so far). 


What experiences do others have?


Re: Bots vs. Humans

I suspect that in a lot of cases these days, human insurance agents don't have much more training or knowledge than the bots do. In those instances, you're not going to get much more value out of speaking to a human than in buying off a web page.


If you're lucky enough to find an agent with the expertise and personal concern to help you meet your needs - that's where the value-add comes in.