Interested in decreasing your risk for Type II Diabetes?

Interested in decreasing your risk for Type II Diabetes?

Last thing anyone wants to hear is "You've developed Type II Diabetes." Have you wondered what you can do to decrease your risk? Ever heard of Metabolic Syndrome? Well, it's several findings that have been found to be an indicator of increased risk for the following conditions: Diabetes (Type II), Stroke, and Heart Disease.


The cluster of signs/findings are:


  • Elevated blood pressure (does not necessarily mean a diagnosis of hypertension--but a sustained elevation over your typical baseline)
  • Excess fat around the waist
  • High blood sugar
  • Elevated cholesterol

Are you thinking to yourself, "Yup, check, uh-oh, and eeek?" Don't freak out yet!!! Research gives us this information so that we have tools to equip ourselves with to PREVENT chronic disease states. The best medicine is ALWAYS prevention.


The reason I mentioned how to prevent Type II Diabetes is because once you have this diagnosis you are automatically at increased risk for stroke and heart attack. So, LET'S get to work! But it really doesn't have to be work. We can start by simply being mindful of what we eat. Whole Foods really had a great thing going when they named the grocery store. When you look at your plate--think to yourself "Can I tell what this was when it was alive?" If the answer is yes, then it is closer to it's living state than something that has been significantly processed. For example: Fresh Salad, steak, and fresh fruit --versus--fried okra, McDonald's hamburger, and ambrosia salad. Think to yourself--Whole Foods versus Processed Foods. The closer it is to it's living state the more "whole" the food is.


Food has been mentioned, but that's not the only thing you can do--don't forget about exercise! Now this doesn't mean you should go out and run a marathon. Start with just moving more than you are now. Do you take the elevator at work? Take the stairs, even if it's only one flight. Remember--it's one more flight of stairs that you did yesterday! Slowly add to your physical activity so that it's not overwhelming. Looking for the closest space to the entrance? Park a little further out and get in a little cardio! When you are outside walking--you're getting some Vitamin D too! Hey, this is starting to sound like a win-win situation!!!


Best of all, everything I mentioned does not cost anything extra. Once you have started on medications to mitigate the secondary effects of chronic illness you are adding costs. Costs in more ways than just money. Costs that cannot be quantified: Quality of Life and Quantity of Life. If you are diagnosed with Type II Diabetes--you have the ability to make significant changes that can POSITIVELY impact you. All you have to do is make a decision to be good to yourself. You deserve it! Old habits are hard to break--but start small. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.


Here's a great article the Mayo Clinic put together, click here. The Mayo Clinic is a wonderful resource for health information.


Disclaimer: Please consult your healthcare provider to discuss your specific situation. This post is not meant to take the place of the relationship you have with your healthcare provider, it is for informational purposes only.


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Great information, @Jessica! Thanks for sharing, very helpful for those interested in prevention. Smiley Happy

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