What do you make of your legacy?

What do you make of your legacy?

Hey all, it's been awhile since I visited! Something happened that made me think of this community and so I am here to ask you - What do you make of your legacy? I'm not a traditional consumer for financial products [happy to share why I feel this way if you're curious] but there is one story that's emerging for me, and I'll admit it sort of bonked me on the head, is the way I think about financial planning and how that planning is the legacy I'm leaving my family.


I don't have a personal or family history of financial planning so I don't think I really understood or grasped the true concept until I began speaking and educating myself on this financial 'lingo' more and more places like here, at work, and with the financial professional I work with.


The process of setting my goals up on this new track have been so gradual over the past year that until this concept bonked me on the head recently I didn't even realize how much progress I've made towards establishing my own legacy for my family. 


I guess I am just a little proud, more than a little sappy, and ultimately how hopeful it making me that I am taking these steps. 


So I'll ask again - What do you make of your legacy? What steps have you taken to establish your plan? I'm interested in hearing how your journey has been and how you feel about what you've accomplished [or haven't been able to]. If we share general information and experiences with each other we can make each other stronger [and smarter!].