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With your musical prowess @DFLO - you would have a blast retiring the city of music (aka New Orleans) and having a gig every night!

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Thanks, @DFLO!  Perhaps you should consider - although faking your own death and starting a new life does sound fun and exotic.

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Awesome post!

Two possible PT jobs for you to consider in retirement: blogger and bartender.

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I personally prefer to not having to work during retirement, so, I am saving and investing aggressively (but as safely as possible).

I tell everyone out there who ask me about retirement planning, that, if they only saved aggressively the first 10 years of their lives and never even put another penny into their retirement funds until the day they retire, the compound interest alone could make their money grow into the millions!


EXAMPLE: If you invested $250/week at an average return of 8%, you'll end up with $199,241.24 at the end of 10 years.

 - Let's suppose that you stop contributing to your retirement fund and just let that money invested with an average return of 8%. At the end of 20 years, without you lifting a finger (and yes do not also lift a finger to touch that money-leave it alone, while it grows!), you'll end up with a whopping $986,675.33! Now, keep in mind that some slightly more sophisticated investors may end up making more—a difference of a 1% average return can make a big difference.

 - Now, suppose that, instead of stopping your contributions at the end of 10 years, you simply reduce it to $100 / week. In that case, with an average annual return of 8%, you'll end up with a real nice $1,243,368.39, without lifting a finger!


Check out this calculator from and see the possibilities!:


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OMG this calculator is amazing! Thank you for sharing @SR