Preparing like a Pro

Preparing like a Pro

I was working out at the gym and I have been doing some research into "Why" fitness junkies workout. The first guy I spoke with was 25 years old and he responded "Because I want to be around for my grand kids" He has a two year old daughter. These other two guys were pushing some heavy weights. I asked one who looked like a buff John Belushi He responded "Because it's fun!" He got an endorphin high. His lifting partner was a high school science teacher and coach. He was very much into his health. He was talking about how much the cost of his nutritional supplements were. Then I spoke with another science teacher who was into triathlons. She had amazing technique. I thought she might have been a college or high school swimmer but she learned her technique from YouTube.

     Then I got to thinking about the professional athletes I have known who had agents who set them up with retirement plans, annuities and other financial vehicles so when their careers were over they could sustain themselves. It made me wonder how many of these fitness buffs, who dedicated their lives to their bodies were set up so they could stop working and still pay their gym memberships and afford their nutritional supplements? If they were going to put as much effort in the gym as professional athletes, why not put similar effort into planning for the day they stop working as well?


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What a great inspiration @LilRed, I love the fact that the lady with the amazing posture learned her technique from youtube. And what a coincidence for your post and @Jill_C's  post about exercising with Youtube videos:


I am glad there are low cost, high impact solutions for all of us based on our exercise preferences.