Social Security - How do you know...

Social Security - How do you know...


I have recently seen a lot of conversation around the 2% Cost of Living Adjustment that the government has approved for Social Security this year. And it seems it's a very controversial topic. 

My mother in law herself has gotten this increase but not seen any of the money on her check so I tried helping her and read up on this a bit.


Based on this article, at the same time as COLA was released, the government also increased to Medicare Part B costs for many recipients, which eats up all the additional income. It's super sad.


Since I am not at retirement age yet, but I am recently married, I found this article about Marriage and Social Security extremely helpful. 

What other resources have you seen or know about that help people across all age groups with their social security questions? I know to go and check the government's website, but I find their language too difficult to understand.