What's Your Retirement Dream?

What's Your Retirement Dream?

What are you hoping to do in your retirement? Everyone understands how important retirement planning is, but people have different goals underpinning their plans.


For some, it’s leaving a legacy for their children – and their children’s children. Others have expensive hobbies they want to pursue, like maybe buying their own plane.


Me? I just want to be able to travel. That’s very common, as evidenced in the most recent retirement survey from the nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies:


“Traveling” (70 percent) is workers’ most frequently cited retirement dream, followed by “spending more time with family and friends” (57 percent), “pursuing hobbies” (50 percent), and “doing volunteer work” (26 percent). Three in ten workers (30 percent) dream of doing some form of work in retirement, including “pursuing an encore career” (13 percent), “starting a business” (13 percent) and/or “continuing to work in the same field” (11 percent).


What’s your retirement dream?


Re: What's Your Retirement Dream?

Oh, these are my favorite type of topics! My retirement dream is very simple. I just want to be healthy and comfortable. A little travel, a little indulgence here or there would be nice but honestly, I just want to comfortably make ends meet and live life. 


I come from a family of immigrants to the U.S. (on both maternal and paternal sides) and as just the second generation born in the U.S. I don't have a lot of experience with living well in retirement. I guess there is a bit of legacy mixed in with my retirement dream because I also want to be able to leave a different retirement experience with my 2 nephews. 


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My early retirement dream is to host hotel and care centers around the world for active seniors. This because community and connectivity is important for a longer happy life. My inspitaration is the film The Best Marigold Hotel, with amazing senior Judy Dench, and more. 

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@Janice -  My retirement dream is to be healthy, surrounded by friends and loved ones, staying active and enjoying simple pleasures.  I think life is all about enjoying each day and doing small things that make you feel relaxed and happy.  If I can experience that in retirement as I do now, that will be golden.

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I never saw myself in ministry but now I am promoting F3 www.f3nation.com in the Rio Grande Valley, Trail Life www.trailifeusa.com and I am in training for as the veterans outreach for Celebrated Recovery at Center Church in Pharr, TX. I would love to be able to do these ministries full time. Also as a Navy SEAL teams I traveled all over the world but I didn't get to go to the cool places and do cool things with my family and friends. I had to do a mission. I would love to go back to some of those places with my family and friends and do the fun things and meet the people.