When Do You Check Your Accounts?

When Do You Check Your Accounts?

I recently made some changes to my retirement accounts, and realized I hadn't checked the balance in them for more than a year. That's a good thing!


Most of us won't be tapping those retirement accounts for decades. As we've seen this year, the stock market will have lots of good days and bad days between now and then, which can make savers very nervous. We now have the ability to check those accounts every day online, and drive ourselves crazy in the process. But in the long term, most of those daily market moves will turn out to be of little to no importance.


That's why I try to  refrain from checking my balances until the monthly statements arrive. Saves me a lot of heartburn. How often do you check your retirement accounts?


Re: When Do You Check Your Accounts?

I get quarterly electronic statements, so that helps knowing what's happening. I usually set it and forget it, when it comes to the ratio of investments in stocks vs bonds, because that's not something you are supposed to change very often. But I think a good rule of thumb is having at least a once a year check in with your financial advisor, if you have one.