6 Wealth + Health Moves in 2018

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For many people, the start of the year is a good time to set goals for self-improvement and behavior changes. The 6th Annual Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey suggests six moves that could positively impact your wealth and health. 


1) Establish your retirement goals – and write them down 

Understanding how much money you’ll need in retirement will dictate how much you’ll need to start saving today.


2) Start saving early and make it a habit 

No surprise, if you want money in the bank when you retire you’ll need to be disciplined about saving throughout your life.


3) Think about your backup plan 

What if you retire earlier than planned or what if unexpected events throw a major detour your way?


4) Make your health a priority 

Unfortunately, the casual “I’ll try to eat better and exercise a little more” approach probably won’t yield significant or long-term results.


5) Incorporate healthy habits (big and small) into your daily routine  

Creating a concrete strategy for improved health and adhering to a schedule is important for establishing lifelong habits.


6) Invest in your greatest asset – yourself

There are plenty no- and low-cost ways for incorporating healthy behaviors into your life. But don’t be afraid to spend a little money if it’ll help you achieve your goals.


Read the full article that includes tips on how to get started with these on our sister site, Knowledge Place.  


What are you hoping to accomplish in the year ahead (and beyond)? Did you successfully reach your 2017 personal finance and wellness goals? Do you have tips for making resolutions stick? 



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1) Establish your retirement goals – and write them down 


I'm a big fan of writing things down, especially long-term plans. Not only does it help you clarify exactly what you want those goals to be, but it's a way to establish accountability. If you look at what you've written down a month later, or six months later,  you'll know precisely what you were supposed to accomplish, and you'll have the ability to measure your progress toward those goals.

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