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 Purchasing life insurance is a vital piece of the necessary foundation needed to build your financial house. Both your wealth and health are key contributing factors in securing proper coverage.



In my personal journey, I discovered that I needed to consider current and future assets. I also found that my budget needed some tweaking to accomplish my overall goal. Suitability was also very important. What I wanted and what I could afford where two different things. I had to learn to cut back in other areas in order to secure my future. Receiving financial education about proper protection aided in my personal development of a strong conviction about life insurance protection.



My goodness. Your health certainly matters when it comes to life insurance protection! So much is considered. Your weight, medications, and family history to name a few. I’ve learned that my health can save me money and cost me money and I get to choose which route I’m going to take. Simple things like walking, drinking water, healthier food selection choices and getting a good night’s sleep make a world of difference. If you want elite rates you have to live a healthy lifestyle. You can do it! Your health is your wealth and wealth is nothing without your health!


Make a decision!

Makes a decision today to seek the council of wealth and health professionals to determine the best course of action for you. Saving dollars toward your future and a prolonged life to enjoy those dollars makes a lot of sense!


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