Healthy Snacks for Work or Road Trips

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When you’re hungry and strapped for time, ordering fries from the drive-thru can seem like the path of least resistance. But there are plenty of healthier options that travel well and can easily be eaten in a plane, train, or car:


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 Do you have healthy hacks for eating on the go? Share in a comment below.




As a frequent traveler, it is not always easy to pack food for long trips. The one thing we always take with us is individual packs of our vegan protein shake and then when we arrive at our destination we buy coconut water in the airport to mix it with in our shaker bottle.


Starbucks is a great place that you can always pick up some healthier options as well. They have many organic packaged fruit and vegetable products, oatmeal (be careful not to pile on too much sugar) as well as a spinach and egg white breakfast wrap that can work in a pinch.


Our lunch time favorite is Chipotle where we get a salad with no dressing, cheese or sour cream and instead have them pile on the salsa and guacamole. 

ctsai Blogger

@CraigandJennyD good call on Starbucks and oatmeal. Does it qualify for stars on the Starbucks app? 


Your comment on the salsa and guacamole is making me hungry. Yum.


@ctsai Yes, it counts for stars and you can use your credit for a free item to get the oatmeal! 


Here is my absolute favorite guacamole recipe for you. Thought you might like it! Guacamole.png