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Hello readers! I am Brett Bousquet, a sports trained physical therapist. I am originally from Calgary, Canada, but am currently living in the mountain town of Park City, Utah. I am an active participant in a variety of sports and athletics and was lucky enough to play collegiate baseball. Some of my passions include: designing and participating in strength and conditioning programs, skiing, biking, hockey, and baseball. My clinical interests comprise of injury prevention, sports event coverage, and return to sports progressions. I have worked with athletes and clients of all abilities ranging from weekend warriors to professional and Olympic athletes. I take pride in my abilities to educate and empower my patients and clients and have them gain a better understanding of what is happening in their own bodies.


Since I think education is such an important part of my physical therapy practice along with overall health and longevity, I wanted my introductory post to help you understand why I think exercise is an integral part of an overall healthy lifestyle. I want to present you with some of the benefits of exercise. If you treat exercise like an investment, you understand that you might not see an immediate return on your effort (although many see immediate benefits). With exercise, I believe you receive daily dividends of your effort along with many unseen physiological benefits.


Here are 6 research supported, physiological benefits to exercise that you can start enjoying right away! 


  • Reduce pain – (Naugle KM 2012 J pain) Various types of exercise have been shown to decrease pain in patients with both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain. There is a saying that is common-place in my clinic; “motion is lotion.”
  • Promote healing - (Khan KM 2009 BJSM) Emerging evidence supports that various forms of exercise help to stimulate tissue healing in a variety of tissues including tendons, muscles, bones, and cartilage.  Appropriate tissue loading is guided by physical therapy and can not only strengthen the tissue but can help to prevent atrophy (weakening of the tissue).
  • Prevent disease – (Pedersen BK 2015 SJMSS) – Evidence supports exercise for the prevention of diseases in categories of psychiatric, neurological, metabolic, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and cancer. Similar to financial planning, exercising with a good plan helps to decrease our chances of an unfavorable outcome.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles – ( – Moderate intensity exercise for 150 minutes each week can help to build our muscle and bone strength. Our muscles and bones require appropriate stimulation to better tolerate the forces we place on them by becoming stronger.
  • Improve mental function – (Deslandes A 2009 Neuropsychology) – Not only is it thought that exercise can improve current mental function, but it has also shown to prevent future decline and can reduce the effects of other stressors.
  • Increase lifespan – (Dankel SJ 2016 Arch CVD) – Exercise 2-3 times each week is shown to decrease the risk of “all-cause mortality.”


While there are well more than only 6 benefits to exercise, I want to take the time to dive a little deeper into each of the benefits outlined above in an article series that will follow. 


With the above-mentioned benefits, I strongly encourage everyone to take an investment in their own physical well being. Not only will you feel better physically and mentally, but you will be around longer to enjoy your hard-earned retirement.


Please leave a comment with any questions or with an idea of something you would like for me to write about.


Brett Bousquet PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS


Brett Bousquet PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS is a certified sports residency trained physical therapist in Utah. Posts and blogs created by Brett on the Wealth Meet Health community are for informational purposes only and are not meant to take the place of your relationship with a health professional. For personal health considerations, please consult a health professional directly.

ctsai Blogger

Hi! I'd be interested in reading about how to prevent or ease knee pain (from snowboarding!)

brettbousquet Health Professional

@ctsai Thank you for the comment and suggestion! Sorry to hear about your knee pain. I will put together a video for you which should give you some ideas to help! Hope the snow is getting better for you in Colorado!


Hi Brett, with the New Year already rushing by, can you reflect on any new year physiological habit resolutions that are easy to implement and have a great impact? I am the worst at stretching for example, but would love to do a bit more if there is something easy and only needs a short investment of time (ie: just a few minutes).

brettbousquet Health Professional

Hi @nvecsei ! Great question. Goals and resolutions are challenging to make habits and we often fall short with them.Finding ways to begin to make them a part of the routine can take some creativity. If you take a task that you perform routinely throughout the day and associate it with your goal, it can be much easier to make it a habit. Taking your example of stretching, for instance, we can have you perform 30 seconds of stretching each time you brush your teeth. Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes multiple times a day! If you stretch and switch sides after 30 seconds, you will be able to get 2 repetitions on each side in. If you want to start another trend, try alternating pushups, sit-ups, and air squats every time a commercial comes on while watching a show. Finding things we do every day and trying to add a novel task in with them will better allow us to make these things more of a routine. 

Going a little deeper, I have found that when working with my patients in helping them achieve their goals, the best way is to work backward! Start with a goal and decide when you would like to achieve it. Make small, measurable goals along the way at various points that all progressively lead up to your end goal to help keep you accountable. 

There are many ways to make goals become habits. Small investments of time upfront can allow for healthy routines in the future. 


thanks @brettbousquet - I like the stretch while you brush your teeth. I will do that. Stay tuned for an update in 3 months Smiley Happy


I tried to stretch this morning while brushing my teeth and nearly fell over Smiley Happy I need more practice.

brettbousquet Health Professional

@Twinkletoes83 Sounds like I might need to include a balance and stability post next?!