Organize Your Important Documents

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If we were to list out all the stuff you need to get your estate organized, you’d probably never want to do it. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we’re listing out the basics to inspire you to get a plan in place before it’s too late.


Insurance policies (be sure to include the location of the policy and any associated online account info)

This includes life, health, car, home, and any other you may have.


Bank accounts, investments, and benefits

You most likely have a checking account, savings accounts, and credit cards. What about money market accounts, CDs, debit cards, 401(k), IRAs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or a safe deposit box? Simply sharing the location of your tax return and who prepares it can be a huge help.


Household and vehicles

How do you pay for your home and car? Does your family know about the mortgage or lease? Where the deed or title are located? Then there are all the utilities and vendors to consider — electricity, gas, water, internet, just to name a few.


Legal documents, medical wishes, and identification

Where do you keep your will, power of attorney, and advance directive? Same goes for information regarding any trusts you may have established. You should also organize all your IDs, which include: Social Security card, birth certificate, marriage or divorce certificates, and armed forces discharge papers.


Digital estate overview

Would anyone know how to access any of your accounts or know what you want done with them after you’re gone? Start off by thinking about how you manage your passwords. Do you use a program, or is it a document? Next, identify the most important accounts such as email, shopping/payment, and social media.


Yes, this can be a lot to digest, which is why a site like Everplans exists to help you get it all under control. In the meantime, what’s the one thing you think is most important for your family to access if something were to happen to you?


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