The Greatest Gift of All

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 The holiday season is the time of year we all look forward to. The anticipation of spending quality time with family and friends, attending holiday parties, watching sports, eating your favorite foods and indulging in gift giving and receiving overflows in the last quarter of the year. Nothing is routine. Spending, eating and traveling increase while exercising, budgeting and saving are placed on hold to be continued in the new year. 


In my personal wealth and health journey, I realized that a couple of months of overindulgence set the pace for a very arduous first and second quarter of the new year. My decisions during the holiday season didn’t make the start of the new year happy! I had packed on some pounds and picked up some debt and my urgency to get rid of them both was lethargic. 


All it takes is a decision to change! I decided to change! First things first, stop waiting until the new year to address this year’s problems! I can start now and begin my new year ahead of the game! For the past three years, I have begun addressing my wealth and health in December. Starting with an annual review of my finances including my savings, debt and emergency fund. What are my goals for the new year and what are areas that need improvement from the previous year? Discipline and consistency are the keys to success when attacking my finances. My goal is to always pay myself more for savings, increase my emergency fund and have low to no debt. 


My health goals are pretty consistent. I have to find a way to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. I need to be disciplined in my diet. What am I eating? What shouldn’t I be eating? The end of the year is also a great time to do a detox. Flush out the bad and get a new start for the new year. Detoxing has been very successful for me and allows me to cleanse my organs and get my body running in its most optimal capabilities. Detoxing also always me to get rid of bad cravings for bad foods. 


The greatest gift of all is to take care of your wealth and health. As always, in figuring out what works personally for you; seek the appropriate professionals for support and guidance. 


Happy Holidays! 


LaShonda Johnson, CFEd®️


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