The Power of Home

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 It’s been three months since the final nail was hammered at the Transamerica-sponsored Habitat for Humanity house. The proud owners, Francis and Schola, are settling into their south Denver home wonderfully.


More than 100 Transamerica employees volunteered to help Francis and Schola (Habitat policy is to refer to new owners by first name only) build the home for their family, including two small children. To follow up on the build, we caught up with a few Habitat workers involved in the project.


“From what I understand, the family is settling in well, and they’re already turning their Habitat house into a home by putting personal touches into the decor and furnishings,” said Jordan Moreland, construction supervisor on the project.


Much like any new house, Habitat homes must be constructed under strict city guidelines and pass several inspections. Once cleared, Habitat receives a certificate of occupancy from the City of Denver. A few days later, the keys are officially handed over to the family.


“Having a stable place to call home provides much more than just financial security. It provides a safe and healthy environment for the entire family,” said Moreland. “For example: If a family lives in a healthy home where they’re not regularly introduced to airborne pathogens, mold issues, or rodent infestation, they have a much smaller chance of contracting illness or infection. This decreases the cost for health care and increases the finances available to the family for healthier foods or education.”

It’s no mystery that home ownership plays a huge role in building financial security, but there are plenty of other benefits too, some of which you might not consider. Take educational outcomes, for example.


23470_HHPBP0817-HH_Infographic_stat_v3.jpg“Ninety-eight percent of children raised in Habitat homes graduate from high school,” said Jeanne Fischetti, director of sponsorships for Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver. “The home provides a stable foundation that lets kids focus on their studies.”


With a secure roof over their heads, adequate space to study, and no worries about relocating, it’s easy to see how kids can thrive in Habitat homes. There are benefits outdoors as well.


“One of the things that makes Habitat special is the focus on community,” said Fischetti. “These homeowners build each other’s homes. You get to know your neighbors really well. Plus, (for Francis and Schola) the elementary school 

is literally across the street.”


Moreland said several of the neighbors helped paint each other’s homes. “They told us afterward that we had ‘inspired’ them to put a little TLC into their neighborhood,” said Moreland.


Moreland said he typically provides families with a gift once their home is complete. “For Francis, Schola, and their new neighbors, I presented them with flags of their home countries to hang high and proud on their front porches.”


At Transamerica, we couldn’t agree more. To Francis, Schola, and new homeowners everywhere: Welcome home. We wish you the best in wealth and health.